on-location photography

how it works

We provide backgrounds of different sizes to accommodate your inventory and fit your available space:

• Our standard setup is a 107” wide seamless roll of white paper. It is able to handle a wide variety of furniture sizes.

• We recommend our 140” seamless roll for inventory consisting mostly of oversized items such as desks, dressers, and table sets (small additional fee applies).

• Also available is our 53” wide seamless roll for shoots with limited work areas and smaller-sized inventory.

• Our 48”x48”x48” cube tent is excellent for jewelry and small items with reflective or polished metal finishes.

before your shoot

We kindly ask that you prepare all items to be shot before the appointed time period. Last minute preparation or lateness limits the amount of time available to shoot.

• Create a list of all the furniture to be photographed. Include information regarding angles or composition, and be as specific as you can. Example images are also helpful.

• Arrange items in size order starting from the smallest to the largest. Grouping furniture of similar size and material minimizes the time spent adjusting lighting and allows for more time spent shooting.

• Clean, polish, and prep your items. Clean the feet or base of the item of furniture that will be in contact with the floor and place it on a clean surface prior to the shoot. This will help keep the background unblemished.

• If the furniture is boxed, then take it out of the box and remove all packaging. Fabrics might need steaming or ironing to remove creases.

•Ensure access to a power outlet for our flash strobes and a minimum work area of 13’x16’ for our standard 107” background setup.

• Also, please be aware that the photographer will direct and style the shoot but does not handle furniture directly. Please give us advance notice if you require any assistance moving furniture so that a photography assistant can be provided for you.

day of your shoot

Once we load into your space, setup of the background system and lights takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes. Following this, we are immediately ready to start shooting.

40 to 80 products can be photographed in a typical shoot day. Many factors determine how many items can be photographed, such as the number of image variations per item of furniture, size of furniture, variety of furniture, and type of furniture.


editing and delivery

All images are color-corrected, cropped, and straightened as part of our rate. The furniture can be precisely cut out from the background so that the images blend seamlessly with your webpage or printed page for an additional $2.45 per image.

chair masked

All images are sent to you within a few days after the shoot via an easy-to-download gallery in JPEG format unless another format is specified. Images will be stored for up to 90 days on our servers after delivery date.

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